Gabilep - (Gabapentin)


Gapileb Tablets 300mg
Gapileb Tablets 400mg

Active Ingredients:
Gapileb 300mg
Each tablet contains:
Gabapentin 300mg

Gapileg 400mg
Each tablet contains
Gabapentin 400mg

Indications for use: In the treatment of neuralgia caused by herpes virus infections. Mono and polyneuropathy diabetic, root compression at any level of the spine, as monotherapy or adjunctive therapy in partial epileptic crisis with or without secondary generalization in adults and adolescents.

Neuralgia produced by herpes virus infection: The first day, take an individual 300mg dose, gradually, increase the dose twice a day, no more than 1800mg. Better relief for this reaction is not gotten, increasing the dose.

Neuropathic pain: initially 300mg 3 times a day for up to 3600 mg per day, according tolerance and efficiency.

Anticonvulsant: Initially 300 mg three times daily. The dose increases gradually based on clinical response, there can be achieved up to 2400 to 3600 mg daily as tolerated and results in the course of the disease.

Action: Antineuralgic - Anticonvulsant

Gapileb 300mg: Box of 30 capsules.
Gapileb 400mg: Box of 30 capsules.

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